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Market Updates

Q1 Market Update

The following is our summary of the markets for Q1 2024.

The equity markets started 2024 just as they finished the previous year with the strongest first quarter in five years. Economic strength and diminishing recession fears helped fuel the rally that, in another optimistic sign, continued to broaden across most sectors.

While stocks performed well during the quarter, bond returns were a bit more mixed. Investment-grade bonds were up in March but ended modestly down for the first three months of the year due to rising interest rates.

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529 Education Savings Plan

If you want to save for education expenses and enjoy tax-advantaged growth, consider opening a 529 plan. They cover everything from K-12 to college and even student loan repayments. Check out the link in bio to learn how a 529 plan can benefit you and your family!

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Family Gifting

Feeling generous? If you or your family members want to give a monetary gift to your children, there are many ways to do it. Keep these tips in mind for the most strategic and financially beneficial approaches

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Social Security Benefits

If you and your spouse are both eligible for Social Security benefits, there are strategies to maximize the funds you receive as a couple. Learn how you might be able to make a huge difference in your retirement income

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Tax Season Reminders

It’s not too late to contribute to your retirement accounts for 2023

  • You can make prior year IRA and Roth IRA contributions until your tax filing deadline on April 17th. If you have not maxed out your 2023 contributions, now is a great time to consider doing that
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